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Make it Lux: Spring Greens

"My father was a prolific gardener," Meg told me.

"Yes," I reply "let's start there."

Incorporating garden greens is one of my favorite way to honor the life of gardeners.

As a fellow horticulture geek, I appreciate the spirit. As a florist, I love working with garden greens. Using a multitude of garden foliages elevates any floral design.

Lucky for us spring greens are emerging! Scented geranium, pea vine, and decorative mint are perfect examples. These plants have that juicy green hue we crave in April. The fragrances are fresh and subtle. Their leaves provide that beautiful harmony of shape and texture.

If you've got a greenthumb, plant your own! You'll have a robust collection of stems to choose from all summer, elevating any flowers you bring home.

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