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"Guests in dark suits..."

The July 28th Headliner of the Sunday Denver Post read:

"Shifting customs breathe new life into the business of death."

This article yet again explores the changing face of the memorial industry. Memorials now concentrate less on "a traditional funeral gathering with guest in dark suits and formal dresses huddled around a casket," and more about celebrating and finding the joy in a live well lived.

Recent events Seven Stones, a Denver botanical garden cemetery, have included.

  • A Bob Marley themed potluck with barefoot dances to reggae music.

  • A Disney themed party with attendees in Prince and Princess attire.

  • A green burial option whereby cremation ashes are planted to sprout a tree.

The momentum of moving from the morbid to the joyous will likely blossom in the next few years and beyond. Just as it should.

Note: Here's the link to the article, but you have to be a subscriber to read the entire piece.

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