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Legacy: Lauren Guthrie

Lauren Guthrie, March 16, 2001-June 6, 2019

Lauren Guthrie had recently graduated from Cherry Creek High School as a Principal’s Top Ten Scholar. She was also a member of the Cherry Creek climbing team, finishing as 11th best climber in the state.

Friends describe Lauren as having "life to the fullest. She took everyday and embraced it. She packed more into her 18 years than many pack into a lifetime. She was kind, smart, hard working, funny, empathetic, and a dedicated friend."

To honor Lauren, Goodnight Violet used two wooden boxes to reflect Lauren's love for the outdoors. A mix of white peonies, coral roses, yellow ranunculus and mossy branches created a youthful and spirited piece. Other smaller blooms provided a style reminiscent of the wildflowers she loved.

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