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Floral Trends: Hued Orchids

Very few stems convey the beauty and fragility of life like the phalaenopsis orchid. The minimalist form, the broad arc of the stem and the most delicate and elegant of blooms make this flower the zenith of refinement.

Recently, science and artistry have married to create perfectly hued phalaenopsis stems. Many growers are infusing the stems with unusual muted tones. Watch for subtle neutrals (think grays and tans) and muted pastels (lavenders and peaches) to reveal a modern twist on this classic stem.

Note: Flower tinting is a long time practice and a simple concept at that: once a cut flower is placed in water, it begins to 'drink' that water to stay hydrated. By adding dye to the water, the flower absorbs the color into the stem, leaves and bloom.

Photos courtesy of the brilliant Metaflora :

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