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" we want to be remembered.”

Today's Washington Post ran an article revealing the changing landscape of the funeral industry. Fading away are traditional services in funeral homes, coming into focus are individualized and preplanned celebrations. In the words of celebration-of-life planner, Alison Bossart: “We can’t control how or when we die, but we can say how we want to be remembered.”

For our clients, pre-planning memorial and celebration flowers is a powerful co-creative process. These pieces reflect how we view ourselves. Our goal is to create a personalized and stunning visual impact for others to see. Here are three examples from our cherished clients:

  • Clematis, hellebore and hyacinth will display a Master Gardener's passion and pastime.

  • Bold colors will reflect a beloved art teacher's vibrancy and zest for life, ("Purple! Everything purple." instructed Birdie.)

  • Stylized rainbows upon rainbows of blooms will echo the pride, courage and general fabulousness of an LGBT attorney and advocate.

Preplanning one's own flowers is only one aspect redefining of the memorial industry. Our lives have been well lived. Let's celebrate.

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